One Bad ass Album Cover-

Bad Ass Shoes-

Bad Ass Music-


N Joi.


I kinda sorta looooooove this picture, beyond words. It makes me happy whenever I am stressed.

Budda Budda Budda ………Cheezburgah!!


oh…and yes that was totally a reference from UK Skins : )

Anwar – 0:44

My favorite artist at the moment happens to be Tara McPherson. She is a phenomenal painter, illustrator, and sculptor. Her website: is pretty awesome as well. It is very simple with a clickable menu that leads to several different places as well as menu’s within those menu’s. I do not however like the way the photos are displayed. I wish they were “shadowboxed” because it would showcase her work better.

I have also ran into another artist by the name of Joe Ledbetter, who is a pretty awesome painter of cool cartoon’s that look kind of like the Happy Tree Friends cartoons, which is probably why I like him paintings. Here is his website: His website is very simple, but not necessarily in a good way. Following the welcome page, it looks crowded and as if there is way too much going on in the center of the screen. However, I do like the way he has set up his pictures. He does not necessarily need a shadowbox or anything like that around them, as he and Tara have different design aesthetics.

Why oh why did I ever decide to go to art school. I have six classes. Three of which are from 9am to 4pm, two that are from 9-12, and one thats basically a night class from 6-730pm..

I have a “Research” class, whatever the hell that means. I’m literally learning how to research I guess, but my section is different somehow so it has culture attached to the back end of it. Therefore, me and my other 14 or so fellow classmates are supposed to bond and create a community. And, wait for it, next semester we are going to open up our community and apply it to another one outside of the classroom. So, So, So, lost.

Next we have CORE class. This class sucks multiple asses. I have to discover my technique and methods of art through studying surface (drawing shit), space (sculpting shit), and time (filming shit). Why they couldn’t just name it that is beyond me. Now, do not get me wrong, I understand why we must do these things….I think, but drawing 12 huge 18×24 drawings of the same thing until it becomes abstract is just annoying busy work. I honestly can say that I like abstract art about….oh….5% of the time, maybe not even that much. My “abstract” drawing of my $30 pair of Urban Outfitters sunglasses is just, well shit on paper. I can draw. But that was not cool.

The next, I have a computer class, makes sense.

Now english class, hmm The Everywhere Argument. If the fact that my teacher looks like a cross between Justin Timberlake and the cute little short guy from CSI New York doesn’t make the class awesome, it’s the fact that we are learning how to argue properly that is 😀

Art History class, is well history, not much to say. A lecture class, my teacher is from Turkey, I think he’s super cool but i swear he sounds like the doctor from the Simpsons.

Finally, Fashion class, wow.  All you girls who walk in with D&G, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci on…..LMAO there is a difference between dressing the part, and actually designing. FIGURE IT OUT.

In the end. Art School is fun, insane teachers, even more insane kids, and even more insane homework, but hey, I picked you because I wanted to do art,

so here I am.

In 1970, Korea spit out a film loving, technical photography hating, unsocially stereotyped artist named Nikki S. Lee. She challenges social stereotypes by immersing herself into ethnic and social groups, typically in the US. I am currently studying Nikki for a Research class I am taking as a freshman at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She interested me in that she, although she doesn’t quite attribute her work to this word, but she acts like a chameleon. She transforms herself into the stereotype that these different social groups project. She shops at their stores and she picks up the local lingo and gestures as well. Nikki S. Lee’s “Projects” are awesome. And, I like them. Especially the one with the Punks 🙂

Yo Yo’s are Awesome